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At Murdoch Jewellers, we help our clients take care of their valuables, so they can pass them to the next generation. Our ideal clients are looking for honest and professional expertise to restore their valuable treasures. Some of the results experienced by our clients include impeccable service, quality and unique handcrafted designs. We offer complimentary consultation.

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Amanda Curpen Murdoch

Owner, Murdoch Jewellers

Amanda Cupen MurdochAmanda brings over 30 years’ experience in business as a jeweller. She is well travelled and well versed in 3 languages. She loves learning about various cultures and how she can help people. She is passionate about creating lasting designs for her clients to take to the next generation. Amanda specializes in handcrafted custom designs. She takes the time to understand her clients’ needs, preferences and creates lasting pieces of jewellery. She works with her a team of watchmakers that specializes in repairing high end watches. The team focuses on assessing the nature of the repairs as clients bring them in. Amanda drives her team to deliver high quality customer service. She works closely with the watchmaker, goldsmiths, setters and the gemologist to accommodate clients’ wishes and needs. Their key activities include:

  • Researching materials and parts for high-end watches.
  • Assessing and pricing repair costs and calling clients with estimates.
  • Reaching out to suppliers across the country & US for unusual gemstones upon requests from clients.

Amanda has owned her Murdoch Jewellers business since 1994. She is also a proud recipient of the surrey business excellence awards.

Her main mission is to help people get long term enjoyment, when purchasing luxury items to treat themselves or their loved ones.

She studied languages and business. She also continues to upgrade her skills in the handcraft jewellery trades. Amanda is very active in her community. She continues to give back to her community by contributing to charities/fundraising programs. Also she ensures that jewellery handcrafting does not include any casting which is harmful for the environment. Amanda is a proud mother of two adult children. She lives in South Surrey area with her husband and enjoys yoga, playing bridge, the outdoors and travels.


Surrey Board of Trade Excellence Awards Dinner