At Murdoch Jewellers, we design and handcraft a new piece of jewellery that is stamped with our own registered trademark. Whether it is a diamond or a gemstone ring, you will be impressed by the quality of our collection. We only use conflict free diamonds, of higher grade in clarity, colour and cut. Canadian diamonds, with GIA certifications, are also available.

  • MJR152

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold handcrafted custom designed golden Citrine and diamond ring.

  • MJR151

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold handcrafted custom designed Ethiopian Opal ring

  • MJR150

    Ladies 19kt white gold handcrafted custom designed diamond engagement ring

  • MJR149

    Ladies 14kt two-tone fancy yellow and white diamond engagement ring

  • MJR148

    Ladies 14kt white gold handcrafted custom designed, fancy coloured greyish blue diamond engagement ring

  • MJR147

    Ladies 14kt white gold, handcrafted custom designed Champagne diamond engagement ring

  • MJR146

    Handcrafted custom designed diamond engagement rings, bring your idea and budget and we will do the rest!

  • MJR144

    Ladies 14kt white gold natural Australian black Opal and diamond ring

  • MJR143

    Sapphire and diamond ring

  • MJR142

    Ladies 14Kt White Gold Handcrafted Custom Designed Peridot and Diamond Ring

  • MJR141

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold Ruby and diamond ring

  • MJR140

    Ladies 14k yellow handcrafted custom designed white Mabe Pearl ring.

  • MJR139

    Ladies 19kt white gold Handcrafted custom designed Diamond engagement ring.

  • MJR138

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold handcrafted custom designed fine Amethyst gemstone ring.

  • MJR137

    Ladies 14kt white gold handcrafted custom designed Malaya Garnet and diamond ring.

  • MJR136

    Ladies 10/14kt handcrafted custom designed apple green Peridot and diamond ring.

  • MJR135

    Ladies handcrafted custom designed 14kt white gold Peridot gemstone ring.

  • MJR134

    Ladies 14kt white gold handcrafted custom designed Ruby and diamond ring.

  • MJR133

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold Handcrafted, custom designed Doublet Opal and fancy yellow diamond ring Australian Doublet Opal : 4 carats (approx) Natural yellow diamonds : 0.12ctw

  • MJR132

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold, handcrafted custom designed Star Sapphire and diamond ring Six-legged Star : 12mm x 10mm oval & Diamonds : 0.12 ctw

  • MJR131

    Mens 14kt yellow gold, handcrafted custom designed, Ruby and diamond ring. Ruby : approx. one carat Diamonds : round brilliant cut, 0.12ctw

  • MJR130

    Ladies 18kt white gold, handcrafted custom designed Emerald and diamond ring. Emerald : One carat and a half, diamonds : 0.20ctw

  • MJR129

    Ladies 14kt white gold, handcrafted custom designed right hand ring, white and yellow coloured round brilliant cut diamonds combined.

  • MJR122

    Ladies 14kt 2 tone Aquamarine and Diamond ring.

  • MJR123

    Ladies Sterling silver bezel-set white Zircon ring.

  • MJR124

    Ladies Sterling silver cabochon Amethyst ring.

  • MJR125

    Ladies 18kt yellow gold Diamond ring.

  • MJR126

    Ladies 14kt 2 tone Swiss blue Topaz and Diamond ring.

  • MJR127

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold oval Tanzanite and Diamond ring.

  • MJR128

    Ladies 14kt yellow gold large Australian Boulder Opal and Diamond ring.

  • MJR101

    Ladies white gold oval Spersatite (orange Garnet) and Diamond ring.

  • MJR102

    14kt white gold Diamond engagement ring.

  • MJR103

    14kt white gold checkerboard trilliant Garnet and Diamond ring.

  • MJR104

    14kt white gold heart shaped Amethyst and purple coloured Diamond ring.

  • MJR105

    14kt white gold emerald cut Aquamarine and blue coloured Diamond ring.

  • MJR106

    Murdoch's One of a kind diamond solitare 14kt white gold 1/2 carat brilliant cut diamond ring.

  • MJR107

    14Kt white gold ring with 8mm Cultured Pearl and Diamonds.

  • MJR108

    Handcrafted 14Kt white gold ring with one trilliant-cut ruby and five round brilliant-cut diamonds.

  • MJR109

    Handcrafted 14k yellow gold ring with one boulder opal and 5 fancy yellow diamonds.

  • MJR110

    Ladies 14k white gold Handcrafted ring with designer-cut Madeira Citrine with 16 beautiful diamonds.

  • MJR111

    14kt yellow gold natural Lime-green Zircon, emerald and scissor cuts combined, set with diamonds, ring.

  • MJR112

    14kt white gold cushion cut Amethyst and diamond ring.

  • MJR115

    14kt yellow gold oval shaped Ruby and Diamond ring.

  • MJR116

    14kt yellow gold oval red Tourmaline ring.

  • MJR121

    18kt white gold Australian white natural Pearl and Diamond ring.