Some of our client stories...

"Establishing trust with a client"

Our ClientA well-educated and career minded lady in her forties. She is a professional musician.
The ChallengeDue to her line of work, she needed a specific ring design that does not limit her abilities while playing music. She came to the gallery for the very first time, in search of a fine piece of jewellery. She asked to try on one specific ring. She went to another store to try on other rings and felt she was pushed into purchasing when she was not ready.
Our SolutionWe fulfilled her need with the signature designs options we have. We were very patient, took the time to explain to her the differences between designs and encouraged her to think about her preferences without rushing her to make a decision.
The OutcomeOur client felt very comfortable and gained our trust and made a decision to purchase after several visits. She has become a repeat client over the years. Murdoch Jewellers has become her trusted jeweller.

"Creating memorable jewellery from clients previous travels"

Our ClientA retired teacher who traveled to different countries and brought natural gemstones home when she returned.
The ChallengeThe client did not have any idea on what to do with the precious stones she brought from her travels.
Our SolutionWe needed to showcase some creative options for her to make a decision on the designs.

The very first piece of jewellery we designed and handcrafted was an Opal pendant. The natural Opal indeed came from Australia that is well known for their beautiful opals. It was an odd shape opal, with a beautiful array of colours. After presenting the client with different options, she chose a fairly simple but elegant dropped style pendant which was handcrafted in 14kt yellow gold.

One of the other pieces was a one of a kind, Pearl and diamond neckpiece, in an abstract design. The client travelled to Tahiti and brought home two large, beautiful natural Tahitian pearls in white and black colours. We were successful in bringing client’s dream to reality by creating a new piece of jewellery with the gemstones she brought back with her.
The OutcomeThe handcrafted custom designed pieces became her precious memories of her travels. What a wonderful way to keep your memories alive! We were certainly very happy to be part the experience. She is repeat client who appreciates creative and fresh looks.

"Looking for one of a kind custom design..."

Our ClientA lady in her sixties, living in White Rock area.
The ChallengeClient was looking for a one-of-kind design for new earrings using her pearls and diamonds.
Our SolutionBased on her preferences, we designed a pair of dropped earrings and worked with her until she was completely satisfied.
The OutcomeA year after she picked up the newly created earrings, she brought in a new ring that was made somewhere else that she never wore. She wanted something similar to a ring in our ‘Signature Collection”. We took the used white gold as a trade in and supplied with fresh gold, using client’s stones, to create just the perfect handcrafted ring. We were delighted to make another happy client.

"Taking a time piece from two previous generations to the next!"

Our ClientA mother of three, career-minded professional who lives in the community.
The ChallengeThe client brought in an antique pocket watch that belonged to her grandfather, to be repaired. The pocket watch was to be presented to her son as a 30th birthday present. We were only given two weeks to complete the repairs. We knew it was going to be a challenge to locate parts for such a precious time piece.
Our SolutionWe all worked together as a team. The goldsmith went on to work on rebuilding the case. The watchmaker stripped the movement completely to assess the nature of the worn parts. We sourced the parts through different suppliers across the country and united states.
The OutcomeThe antique pocket watch was finally restored, just on time for the client to pick up. We were all very delighted with our accomplishment of making it happen for the client. We found we have also gained the trust of the young man who comes in regularly as a client.